Christmas Eve Bundle

  • £24.95
  • £42.00





  • Gingerbread Decorations Kit
  • Paddington Hollow Chocolate Character
  • All I Want For Christmas - Sweets in Glass Bottle
  • Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bombs

Gingerbread Decorations Kit

With 27 biscuits included in this fantastic set, there's plenty to go round. This box features beautifully crisp gingerbread biscuits with holes at the top for hanging on the tree and designs pre-baked on top for easy decorating.

The kit includes the 27 decorations, icing sugar to make the icing with, and even the twine to hang them up. All you need is one egg to make the icing!

Paddington Hollow Chocolate Character

Indulge in the whimsical world of PaddingtonTM with our delightful new hollow chocolate figure. Crafted from the finest quality milk chocolate with all of the charming details of his signature coat, hat and adorable expression. This is the perfect gift for any fan, as a special treat or as a must-have addition to any Paddington collection.


All I Want For Christmas Is You

Experience the holiday spirit with our "All I Want For Christmas Is You" message bottle, filled with our beloved layered gummy heart-shaped sweets. Bursting with the sweet embrace of strawberry and vanilla flavourings, these Luv Ya sweets bring to mind the cherished combination of strawberries and cream.


Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bombs

Make your winter nights warmer and yummier! Indulge in our decadent hot chocolate bombs that promise an explosion of flavour and comfort. Simply dunk them into hot milk and witness the magic as the smooth milk chocolate melts away, releasing a cascade of mini marshmallows. Each gift pack contains three milk chocolate bombs, filled with marshmallows, ready to make your hot chocolate dreams come true.